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Το Σάββατο 2 Φεβρουαρίου ο Ryan Roxie θα έρθει στην Ελλάδα για να δώσει μια μοναδική συναυλία μαζί με τους Crystal Tears στο Eightball της Θεσσαλονίκης.

Τη βραδιά θα ανοίξουν οι Pick Up Bones και οι Morpheus Outcry με τις πόρτες να ανοίγουν στις 20:00. Ακολουθεί το επίσημο δελτίο τύπου για το event που κανένας Alice Cooper fan (και όχι μόνο) δεν πρέπει να χάσει.

"It's fucking Saturday night, let's go out & find a metal band, phone up our mates & start remembering what it was like to enjoy ourselves again! We've just got to get off our asses & out onto the street!" Bruce Dickinson. ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ! Καθώς βρίσκεται σε tour break από τα shows του με τον Alice Cooper, o Gibson artist, Ryan Roxie, ενώνει τις δυνάμεις του με τους heavy metal πρωτοπόρους Crystal Tears για ένα απόλυτο και μοναδικό show στο φημισμένο 8Ball club, Λαδάδικα! Το line-up συμπληρώνουν οι Morpheus Outcry και οι Pick Up Bones, ως οι special opening guests του show!
About Ryan Roxie:
Guitarist, vocalist & songwriter, born in California USA, Ryan Roxie is best known as the long-time lead guitarist, composer & collaborator of legendary harbinger and godfather of shock rock, Alice Cooper for 22 years now. He embarked on a prolific career, forming his first band in LA with Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses - recording for Gilby's solo albums too). In 2000 joiningSlash, he wrote & recorded on Slash' Snakepit "Aint' Life Grand". Ryan has hosted TV music & chat shows, created his own "Roxie's Parking Lot" gigs as part of the Alice Cooper tours, worked with charity organisations and has been working globally as an ambassador for the Gibson guitar company. 2018 saw Ryan release his latest album "Imagine Your Reality" including special guests such as Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Teddy Zig-Zag Andreadis of Guns N' Roses to name a few. In this album Roxie continues to create infectiously melodic rock songs, keeping the spirit and power of the 3.5-minute rock song intact as well as the dream of guitar-driven music alive and well.
About Crystal Tears:
Having gained a formidable reputation for delivering the goods on stage & via their honest and sing-along anthems, Crystal Tears strike back with their latest album "Decadence Deluxe", delivering high quality heavy metal, managing to sound constantly inspired & original. Their previous testimony "Hellmade" was nominated No1 best Massacre records' album on its year of release, involving also Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses, Sons Of Apollo etc.) and actors Lew Temple & Lou Taylor Pucci. The album initiated their first european tour (with Mystic Prophecy), followed by their own headline greek tour & a few more extended shows with Firewind/ex-Ozzy Osbourne Gus G. With a steady evolution from the band's first demos to its latest instalments, Crystal Tears have managed to leave their mark as one of the most qualitative heavy metal acts of Greece.
About Morpheus Outcry + Pick Up Bones:
"A 5-manned band, fueled by creativity with no boundaries" their definite motto, Morpheus Outcry's music is an absolute mix of tricky-heavy riffs, groovy sense, melodic harmony and bonec​rushing breakdowns, having debuted in 2017 and having shared the stage with quite a few bands already. Pick Up Bones is a highly energetic and promising hard rock / heavy metal band hailing from Thessaloniki GR as well, having released their first single and music video in 2017 too. Both bands are currently on the production procedure of what will soon appear as their first full-length albums, to be released somewhere in 2019. your social media marketing partner